DYNALOG – We know all about learning and what young people want.

As a subsidiary of the German Children and Youth Foundation (DKJS), we are partners for companies that are committed to their junior staff.

We rely on 20 years of knowledge and the experience of a nation-wide educational foundation.

We are experts for change through learning, network management and the involvement of young people.

We offer training and consulting, project development and process management for companies, organisations, institutions and networks that are facing the challenges of demographic change.

Invitation to DYNALOG

"There is a silly saying about there being a problem with implementation rather than a problem concerning knowledge or understanding. This is as correct as it is useless. I, for one, would always advise a company or public institution to seek help from an external consultant in those areas where they want to trigger creative processes. That makes so much more sense than to assume that one can meet all challenges on one’s own.

The German Children and Youth Foundation is able to help in such situations. In fact, we can make your work easier and thus also minimize the risk for your projects. We do our part on behalf of value creation – independently and, for that matter, also indispensably. We operate in keeping with the motto: If I cooperate with them, I will be able to accomplish things that I couldn’t have done on my own. And this is achieved as part of an open dialogue process – and not via a set of instructions. What is significant here is that the work is in fact carried out differently; people are involved and thus goals can be reached more readily. The outcomes that we are capable of bringing about are the result of 20 years of experience in the education sector. With our subsidiary DYNALOG, we can now make this extensive experience available to other businesses and organisations."


Roland Koch

Chairman of the DKJS Foundation Council

Former Governor of the State of Hesse

The world is changing. We prepare companies for it.

The following four areas of social change have a strong impact on companies. We take on the challenges presented by these changes with new strategies for learning and a knowledge management concept to empower people to deal with the new requirements in a healthy and meaningful way.

  • Demographic Change: Shortage of skilled workers, more older people and fewer young people in the workforce
  • Change in Values: Diversification of values, greater cultural differences and individualisation
  • Technological Change: Rapid development cycles in the digital world and their social impact
  • Diversification of Knowledge: Knowledge is no longer found only in individuals, it is found everywhere and needs to be gathered and filtered

Our Canon of Values

  • Dialogue: Dialogue is the most important tool in our work. We listen, we ask, we answer and we ponder. Only then can we understand each other.
  • Participation: The future is about knowledge — not power. And this requires participation; bringing together the knowledge of many to find joint solutions we can all stand behind. Participation appeals to people; it motivates and imparts identification with the team.
  • Transparency: Sharing tasks and ideas and actively involving the community in problem-solving shows self-confidence. Transparency stimulates more – and quicker – feedback. It reduces the incidence of mistakes and frustration. Transparency thus enhances efficiency.
  • Responsibility: Each one of us bears responsibility – for ourselves and for the common good. In our companies, in our societies and in the world. This is the source of loyalty and commitment – to change what needs changing, to preserve  what is good and to get involved.
  • Trust: People need to be trusted and to place trust in others. Trust is precious and must not be violated. Trust, even trust in oneself, is decisive for development.

Originally in publishing, Frank Hinte subsequently assumed managerial positions in various media companies after graduating in economics and media and communication sciences.

Since 2011, Frank Hinte has been head of the finance, legal and human resources divisions of the DKJS, as well as acting managing director of the two subsidiaries TU11 Verwaltungs GmbH and DYNALOG GmbH. Here he liaises between the entrepreneurial world and the knowledge/network society.