We support businesses in the changes in
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demographics and technology.

The future needs young skilled employees. Now.

There's a shortage of young employees. Or companies are hiring the wrong ones. Dynalog can help find suitable junior staff with a targeted employee recruitment strategy, which can also help avoid the high cost of personnel fluctuation. We understand what young people want and how they can be reached.


Project examples:

  • Strategy for hiring new recruits: Which young employees match our company? Where can we find them and how do we approach them?
  • Hands-on workshops: What can companies do to successfully train and integrate young employees and foster loyalty to the firm? What company culture will attract them? What are their aims?
  • Field studies: How can the team be inspired to use the thoughts, approaches and ideas of a new generation? Guided volunteering in youth projects for managers.

Optimising the Quality of Training

Each and every youth has a unique set of strengths and skills. Dynalog develops recommendations on the best way to optimise the quality of training as well as to lower the dropout rate.


Project examples:

  • Diagnostics: How does the company go about training new employees? Critical evaluation of strengths and weaknesses; recommendations for human resources, instructors and supervisors.
  • Training workshop: What can be done to improve traini
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    ng? Learning types, learning techniques, learning portfolios, objective agreements, feedback tools and other methods.
  • Changing attitudes: How can training instructors become guides and partners in learning processes?
  • Supervision: On-the-job guidance, problem analysis, feedback and coaching.
  • Learning camps: New approaches to stimulate and inspire young trainees

Silver-collar workers and young creatives together

– Solidarity that works.

Mastering the Change of Generations, Strengthening Cooperation

Sometimes older employees express dissatisfaction with their young colleagues. These, in turn, feel misunderstood. Dynalog analyses the situation and develops concepts that promote productive cooperation between the generations. The goal is to understand and acknowledge each other's values – to allow an exchange of experience and knowledge.


Project examples:

  • Practical module: Anything can be learned, even change. Idea sessions and generator workshops; providing tools that encourage innovation and establish criteria for success .
  • Communication training: How can complaints and criticism be turned into invitations to cooperate and bring about change for the better?
  • Field studies: Is there another way to do things? Volunteering can help executive staff find new impetus for developing and nurturing their junior staff while expanding their own horizons.
  • Process support: Conception and facilitation of knowledge-transfer before senior employees leave the company; assistance in finding suitable mentoring and/or advisor models.

Networking for Product Development

New ideas emerge where questions are welcomed and knowledge and competencies from different areas are linked. We help companies detecting trends before they are discovered by the majority. Receive customer feedback and desires automatically, and using it as a source of inspiration for new products.


Project examples

  • Cooperation management: Identify strategic partners and develop goal- and resource-oriented networks and control instruments.
  • Crowd searching: What would happen if consumers offered input and companies made use of their ideas? Young target groups are especially ready and willing to serve as co-creators of innovative products.
  • Development networks: How can companies use knowledge from neighbouring fields? Manage networks for effective knowledge generation and transfer.

Innovation comes from knowledge.
Learning is the desire for challenges.
That is our concept.


We can help you…

Foster identification

We know how young people tick; we understand their lifestyles, their values and their goals.  We’ve worked with them on countless projects. We’ve also developed tools to facilitate participation and help shift responsibilities so that you can tap the expertise and innovative drive of young employees to your best benefit.


Exercise participation

We have years of practice in encouraging participation. Whether product development or creative teamwork – let us help you get new and experienced employees on the same boat.


Facilitate learning

We know how people learn best – as individuals or in an organization. Incentive to learn is stimulated through dialogue that conveys information, appreciation and participation. Our focus is on learning that encourages people to take on responsibility – for themselves and for the group.


Develop networks

We believe in networks and operate at the interfaces.  We know from experience how to build networks with partners from diverse professional backgrounds and sectors.